nSightify adds Telehealth to its mobile-first communication platforms

nSightify puts life-saving and cost-effective technology in the hands of those who need it the most.

Austin, TEXAS,  05.15.2020 – nSightify, a new and fast-growing company in the First Responder and EMS health-tech space, has launched a new addition to the nSights app.  Since March this year, nSights offers Telehealth to companies operating in the First Responder or EMS space.  The nSights app allows First Responders to connect to clinicians in real-time and enables video chat Telehealth capabilities. 

 “We had an existing communications platform that included chat, voice, and video, so adding the Telehealth component was the logical next step,” said John Dadey (CEO and Co-Founder).  In emergency healthcare, every second is vital towards saving a life.  Through nSightify’s Telehealth facility, first responders have instant and direct access to on-duty clinicians.  nSightify leverages the Vonage API Platform which provides real-time video communications that allow organizations to deliver secure and HIPAA-compliant Telehealth capabilities and communications capabilities.

nSights Telehealth offers the following benefits and capabilities:

  • No data is stored on users’ devices
  • Screen share allows for remote access to ePCR data in real-time
  • Visibility into clinicians availability
  • Our intuitive interface is designed specifically for EMS
  • Works on phones or tablets running iOS or Android
  • Supports text chat, video chat, and file transfer
  • Call summary data is automatically saved

 “One common theme from the agencies we worked with, was it had to be extremely simple to use for both the provider and the clinician – we have certainly accomplished that with one-click connectivity,” stated John.  Having the capability to see if a clinician is currently available allows the first responder to connect to the right resource immediately and save time.  Also, nSights enables the clinician to view the information contained in the electronic patient care report (ePCR), in real-time as if they were with the first responder patient side. The innovative capabilities of nSightify give the clinician insights into any data, such as EKG readings, vital signs, and past patient history.  The Telehealth addition of nSights is seamless, innovative, and is fully integrated with the nSightify application.

Agencies can spin up a new clinical provider in minutes, making the ability to scale demand as needed.  Organizations can use their team member’s mobile devices as a useful and real-time communication tool.  With the mobile-first Telehealth function, medics can use the application to initiate a chat or video call with any doctor on shift.  Also, agencies can keep up to date on the full spectrum of patient care and team performance.  nSights offer companies thorough and real-time information sharing but still keeping in line with industry guidelines and regulations, as well as offer valuable services and support.

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