5 Things EMS leaders need to know about data collection and mental health awareness

EMS is a challenging industry to work in and is demanding not only physically but mentally. There are numerous challenges that EMS providers face which compromise their mental health and well-being including acute stress incidents and chronic stress that accumulates from their day-to-day EMS roles. With the everyday hustle and bustle, it is easy for […]

Praise and Gratitude in EMS, It Matters to Your Team It’s Vital to Your Organization

Why Praise and Gratitude Matter for EMS Teams History has proven that being a valued member of a team is fulfilling, rewarding, increases productivity, and most of all is a fun experience. However, these statements are only valid for team leaders who foster a positive team environment. EMS is a stressful industry and can be […]

Harnessing Data for Cultural Improvements in EMS

Harnessing Data for Cultural Improvements: Using your everyday data to identify, communicate, & advocate for your EMS team members Data and Mental Health Awareness If your EMS system is like most, you have probably noticed the rise in attention being called to mental health awareness and the need for improvements to the EMS culture. Suicides […]

Objective vs. Subjective Data in EMS: How to tell the difference

Objective vs. Subjective Data in EMS: How to tell the difference At first, the difference between objective and subjective data seems to be pretty simple….but dig into the data that EMS collects and you can easily find yourself second guessing just what you thought was straightforward about it. The truth is, however, that it IS […]

Data-Driven Decision Making to Improve Resilience

Data-Driven Decision Making to Improve Resilience There is a dire need for a culture change within EMS, and it begins with a focus and education on resilience. At its core resilience is the ability for one to overcome tough or stressful situations or circumstances quickly. It is the ability for one to bounce back into […]

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