Telehealth and Communications

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Expand Your Network Instantly

Turn your EMS team’s tablets or phones into a medical communication network. With our mobile-first telehealth function, medics can use one tap to initiate a chat or video call with any doctor on shift.

Key Features:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Control your network by easily adding or removing doctors
  • Once users log in, the app functions in the background until needed
  • Caller identification lets doctors answer with confidence
  • No data is stored on users’ devices
  • Our intuitive interface is designed specifically for EMS
  • Works on phones or tablets running iOS or Android
  • Supports text chat, video chat and file transfer
  • Call summary data is automatically saved


Get Relevant Updates in Real Time

Is there a traffic jam on a major highway? An urgent maintenance issue that needs attention? Channels let your team communicate with each other instantly.


Key Features:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Group channels get everyone on the same page quickly
  • Tagging alerts users to relevant updates
  • Channel descriptions help keep conversations focused
  • No data is stored on users’ devices
  • Administrators have access at all times


Direct Messaging

Get All Eyes on Your Message

Need to make sure your message is visible to a specific person, or to everyone working in your station? Send a direct message to make sure the right person is notified. 


Key Features:

  • Get a read receipt when your message is viewed
  • Replace email and texting 
  • No data is saved to users’ devices


Promote Team Engagement

Our social features lets users interact with each others’ channel posts, promoting team cohesion and camaraderie.


Key Features:

  • Users can give kudos to acknowledge and encourage each other
  • Comment threads help turn posts into conversations
  • Users can comment and like each others’ posts
  • Individuals can review a summary of the kudos they’ve received, encouraging positive reflection


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